The Springs of Living Water curriculum

An initiatory journey to raise awareness and

ato abolish the barriers that block fraternity

A journey through time

We invite you to register and take this time travel with us to try to find meaning, education and eventually solutions for a better world.

According to the latest discoveries in Science, when our ancestors  – a few tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago – started to think and reflect, they began  to invent concepts about life and death and to imagine how to live better during the brief passage on this Earth which is called life.

Today’s world is the result of this evolution.

We are approximately 7.5 billion people on earth today.

No matter who we are or where we are, this story concerns us all.

The aspiration to unity in its diversity

One of the great aspirations that has made its way to the present day and that has become a fundamental issue for all humans on Earth, is the aspiration for Unity.

What Unity in a fractured world like ours? This is precisely what is difficult to define. During this initiatory journey we will explore this idea and try to give it meaning.

Thanks to the inspiration and intelligence of some among us, today we have a formidable technological tool that increases our ability to know exchange ideas:   the internet.

Our land has become this small village where almost everyone is able to instantly connect via the Internet.

It is by using this powerful tool, and with your help,  that we will, together, try to revisit in a simple and positive way, the unfolding of our history.

To do this, we have identified two essential values ​​that will support our efforts:

Two essential values

  1. Probity – to review our history with probity and maximum objectivity… aware that the latest discoveries can be questioned by new insights at any time. It also means having the humility to recognize the limits of our knowledge. When that happens, we will just say, “We don’t know. “
  2. Life – we will retain from the past as from the present and from the future, the elements that promote Life … life for all creation.

Throughout this journey, we will be accompanied by the writings and thoughts of those who have tried, before us, to seek answers to this great question of the unity of humanity.

This collaborative and global approach,  we hope it can be an enrichment for our generation and those following.

According to the latest discoveries in science, it all started (although we do not know what there was before the start) about 13.7 billion years ago with what is commonly called “The Big Bang ”…

Spiritual evolution of humanity

For each of the stages of the spiritual evolution of humanity, (that is to say the appearance of each religion) we will evoke several themes present in the “sacred texts” of the different religions, their “Springs of Living Water”:

For each spirituality:

  • The story of the birth of spirituality
  • The geopolitical situation before and during the birth of spirituality
  • The story of its founders and their purpose
  • The message conveyed for humanity by their texts.

We choose to integrate into our university, only convincing contents which support the life of all creation.

The contents will be chosen by an educational committee which will be made up of historians, spiritual leaders and scientists from each of the religions who will be chosen for their commitment to a universal peace that does not exclude anyone.

We will accompany the lessons with

  • texts
  • pictures
  • audio
  • Videos,
  • webinars

and other forms of collaborative education adapted to each cultural environment.